This category of media includes the conversion of photo prints, documents, 35mm slides & 35mm negatives to digital files.  Correction & restoration can also be applied to your photos.  Photo shows can also be created to automatically display your photos through a computer, phone, tablet, social media or through a DVD on your TV.  The files are stored on portable USB drives (prices vary by size required).  ABM does not offer photo printing.  Call or email to let us know how we may assist you with your photo needs!  NOTE:  While ABM does attempt to safely blow off any loose dust or dirt from your media, ABM does not remove mold, stains or other contaminates that are attached to the media and require special handling and safety precautions.


LEVEL 1 – Digital Conversion & General Correction
Recommended for best value; general corrections in color, contrast and brightness applied to all photos equally.
$8 for 1 – 5
$13 for 6 – 10

$.85/ea. for 11 – 100
$.84/ea. for 101 – 200
$.83/ea. for 201 – 300
$.82/ea. for 301 – 500
$.81/ea. for 501 or more

LEVEL 2 – Digital Conversion & Specific Correction

Recommended for best quality; each photo/slide is evaluated by ABM staff and needed corrections like color, contrast, brightness, red-eye removal and cropping are applied.  This does not include restoration of damaged photos, slides, negatives or documents.  For that, see Level 3 below.  

$10 for 1 – 5
$15 for 6 – 10
$1.05 for 11 – 100 

$1.04 for 101 – 200
$1.03 for 201 – 300
$1.02 for 301 – 500
$1.01 for 501 or more 

 LEVEL 3 – Digital Conversion & Restoration 
Recommended for restoration of photos that have physically deteriorated or become damaged.  ABM can use professional software tools such as Adobe Photoshop to repair and restore the photos to a condition more closely resembling the original. 
Rate:  $35/hour

All original prints, photos, documents, slides and negatives are returned to the owner.  Portable USB storage device can be provided by the customer, or can be purchased from ABM (prices vary by storage size).  NOTE:  ABM does not offer printing services.

Once your photos, slides and negatives are converted to digital files, ABM can take these files and create a custom slide show video that can uploaded to any website or placed on a DVD.   

Rate:  $35/hour 

Additional Options:

1)  Royalty-free background music can be added to your photo slide show.  This makes viewing your photos much more enjoyable. Over 200 titles to choose from!  Pricing varies.

2)  Additional copies of your discs can be purchased. The cost is $7/CD or $8/DVD and includes thin/clear case, and black text on white matte label.  Labels are not stickers, but are bonded to the DVD so they will not come loose.